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Name : Khadijah bint-e-Khuwailid
Title : Umm-ul-Momineen
Appellation : Tahirah
Father : Khuwailid bin Asad
Mother : Fatimah bint-e- Zaeidah
Birth : In Mecca
Death : 10th Ramadan 3 years before Hijra at the age of 64 . Buried in Mecca

Birth and Genealogy

Lady Khadijah (s.a.) was the first wife of the Holy Prophet (p). She was born in Mecca. Her father's name was Khuwailid bin Asad, a wealthy trader. The Genealogy of both Prophet Mohammed (p) and Lady Khadijah (s.a) were the same, reaching up to Qusayy.

Early Life

Her mother and father both died within 10 years from each other. Their wealth was divided amongst the children but it was Lady Khadijah (s.a.) who took over the family business and expanded it. With the profit she made she helped the poor, the widows, the orphans, the sick and the disabled people of Mecca.
She had a cousin called Waraqa bin Naufal who was a very learned man and who was not an idol worshipper. Both Waraqa and Lady Khadija were monotheists and believed in one God.

First contact with Prophet Mohammed (p)

Because of her excellent behaviour, the Arabs (who at that time used to look down upon women) called her Tahirah - the pure one. She was also known as the “Princess of Mecca” because of her wealth. A lot of Arab nobles and princes wanted to marry her but she refused all of them. In 595 AD, Lady Khadijah was looking for someone to be in charge of her caravan to Syria. Hazrat Abu Talib (a.s.) suggested the Prophet Mohammed (p) to her. She had heard of his trustworthiness and agreed to employ him although he did not have much trading experience. To help him, she sent her slave, Maysara. The trading caravan was a great success and when Lady Khadijah (s.a.) heard of the Prophet's skills and excellent conduct, she became his admirer.

Marriage with Prophet Mohammed (p)

Soon it was arranged for Lady Khadijah (s.a.) to be married to the Prophet Mohammed (p). At that time, Prophet Mohammed (p) was 25 and Lady Khadijah (s.a.) was 40 years of age. According to Shiite tradition, this was her first marriage and she was not a widow as narrated by non-Shiite sources. Hazrat Abu Talib (a.s.) made marriage contract on behalf of the Prophet whilst Waqara bin Noufal made it for Lady Khadijah. Hazrat Abu Talib (a.s.) paid the dowry on behalf of his nephew and fed the people of Mecca for 3 days in celebration. Lady Khadijah fed them, too. The marriage was a very happy one and their first child was a son called Qasim. The second was Abdullah. Both died in infancy. Their third and last child was Lady Fatimah Zahra (s.a.).

Her services to Islam

When the Prophet used to go to meditate in the cave of Hira on Jabel-e-Noor, it was Lady Khadijah (s.a) herself who would climb up there to give him his food and necessaries. She was the first person to accept Islam as taught by the Prophet (p).
In 616 AD, the Quraish isolated the Bani Hashim (the family of the Prophet) so they took refuge in a ravine called Shib-e-Abu Talib. Lady Khadijah (s.a) was there too and it was her wealth (which she donated for Islam) that sustained the Muslims at that time. The siege lasted for 3 years during which time they experienced hunger, thirst, the cold and the heat of the desert.

Her Death

Lady Khadijah (s.a.) was married to the Holy Prophet (p) for 25 years. She died in 619 AD on the 10th of Ramadan 3 years before the Hijra. When she died, nothing was left of her wealth - all of it was served for the propagation of Islam. She was buried in Mecca in an aba of the Holy Prophet (p). Hazrat Abu Talib (a.s.) died in this year, too. The Prophet (p) called the year Aam-ul-Huzn (the year of grief).
While Lady Khadijah (s.a.) was alive, the Holy Prophet (p) did not marry another woman and in the later years he always said that she was the best of his wives.
He also said that she was one of the four perfect women who had ever lived. The other three are Lady Asiya, the wife of Pharaoh, Lady Mary, Prophet Christ’s mother (a.s.) and Lady Fatimah Zahra (s.a.).

About Ghaemiyeh center of computerized researches

"Crusade for God's way with your wealth & souls; it's better for you, if you know!" (Holy Quran, Taubah chapter, verse 41).
Imam Reza (Peaces upon him) said: "God bless whoever revives our matter! … He studies our sciences and teaches them to people; so if people know the virtues of our speeches, they will follow us…" ("Oyoon-o-Akhbaar-er-Reza", Shaikh Sadoogh, chapter 28, 1-307; "banaader-ol-Behaar",the deceased Faiz-ol-Islam, P.159).
The establisher of "Ghaemiyeh center"- Isfahan- Iran: the late martyr "Ayatollah Shams-aabaadi" – God bless him – was one of the great clergies of this city, that was renowned for his infatuation with "The High Progeny of the Prophet"(Peaces upon them), particularly with His Majesty Imam Reza (P.) & His Majesty Imam Mahdi – the Lord of the time (God hasten his holy advent); and so, he established – with his view & insight – in the year 1340 A.H. (=1961) an establishment as a way which hasn’t subsided never, but is going to be followed by others, forcefully & better every day.
"Ghaemiyeh center of computerized researches" – Isfahan/Iran- has begun his activities from the year 1385 A.H. (=2006) under the care & favor of His Excellency "Ayatollah Sayyed Hassan Imami" – Be prolonged his honor – with cooperation of a group composed of graduates from seminary & a few students of college & university, daily & nightly, in different fields: religious, cultural & scientific...
Purposes: defense from Shi'ah limits & extending the culture of "the Two Weights"(=Saqalain) (=The Holy Quran & the High-ranking Progeny of the Prophet – Peaces on them) & their theological sciences, fortifying youths motives for studying into religious subjects, replacing useful objects in stead of hollow senseless blue-tooth objects into cell-phones & computerized devices, establishing the vast & extensive cultural area based on Quran & the High Progeny (P.) knowledge – in order to publish sciences, servicing researchers & theological students, extending reading culture & enriching free-times of lovers of Islamic sciences soft-wares, presenting necessary sources to facilitate removing obscurities & dispelling doubts rumored in the society, etc…
- Including Social Justice: that which may be extended progressively by the modern devices; in addition to being possible to accelerate presenting facilities – around the country – and publishing Islamic\Iranian culture – around the world – from different direction.
- Some of the vast activities of the center:
A) Print & publish tens of books, brochures, monthlies, with celebrating Reading Matches.
B) Produce hundreds of research soft-wares, able to run in the computer & cell-phones.
C) Produce Three-dimensional Exhibitions, Panorama, Animations &… Religious or touring Places, etc…
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I) Celebrate conferences, and carry out Preschool plan, particular to children & adolescents participant in the meeting.
J) Celebrate Common Educational Courses & Instructor Training Periods (in person & virtual) length of a year.
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